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Catalogus #
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StatusHandelsnaam en omschrijving
A-32Stock ItemPolywater® A Lubricant Quart
A-128Stock ItemPolywater® A Lubricant Gallon
A-640Stock ItemPolywater® A Lubricant 5-Gallon
A-DRUMSpecial Order (call for details)Polywater® A Lubricant 55-Gallon
AQ-2DRStock ItemAquaKleen™ Fiber Cleaner Squeeze Bottle
AQ-2LPStock ItemAquaKleen™ Fiber Cleaner Finger Sprayer
AQ-KIT2Special Order (call for details)AquaKleen™ Fiber Cleaner Kit
AQ-KIT3Special Order (call for details)AquaKleen™ Fiber Cleaner Kit
AR-KITSpecial Order (call for details)AirRepair® Leak Sealant Kit
AR-PRIMERSpecial Order (call for details)AirRepair® Primer for Plastic
AR-STICKSpecial Order (call for details)AirRepair® Putty Stick
B-1Stock ItemBoom™ Wipes
B-D72Stock ItemBoom™ Wipes Canister
BRK-KITStock ItemPowerPatch® Pad n Pole™ Repair Kit
BRK-KITB6Stock ItemPowerPatch® Pad n Pole™ Repair Bulk Kit
BRK-KITB6GStock ItemPowerPatch® Pad n Pole™ Repair Bulk Kit w/TOOL
BRK-KITGStock ItemPowerPatch® Pad n Pole™ Repair Kit w/TOOL
BRK-TOOL50Renamed. Use TOOL-50-21PowerPatch® Pad n Pole™ Repair Dispensing Tool
BT-10NOZZLEStock ItemBonDuit® Mixing Nozzles
BT-CART12PKSpecial Order (call for details)BonDuit® Adhesive Cartridges
BT-CART24PKSpecial Order (call for details)BonDuit® Adhesive Cartridges
BT-KITStock ItemBonDuit® Adhesive Kit
BT-KITB6GStock ItemBonDuit® Adhesive Kits w/Tool
BT-KITB6Stock ItemBonDuit® Adhesive Kits
BT-KITGStock ItemBonDuit® Adhesive Kit w/Tool
BT-TOOLRenamed. Use TOOL-50-11BonDuit® Dispensing Tool
BWC-128Special Order (call for details)Boom™ Wash Concentrate Gallon
BWC-640Special Order (call for details)Boom™ Wash Concentrate 5-Gallon
CF-35Stock ItemCableFree® Loosener Quart
CF-128Stock ItemCableFree® Loosener Gallon
CF-640Stock ItemCableFree® Loosener 5-Gallon
CG-13Stock ItemType CG™ Cold Gavanizing Spray
CGL-27Stock ItemPolywater® CGL Communications Gel Lubricant 1-Quart Bag
CGL-35Stock ItemPolywater® CGL Communications Gel Lubricant Quart Bottle
CGL-55Stock ItemPolywater® CGL Communications Gel Lubricant 1/2-Gallon Bag
CGL-99Stock ItemPolywater® CGL Communications Gel Lubricant 1-Quart Bag
CGL-110Stock ItemPolywater® CGL Communications Gel Lubricant 1/2-Gallon Bag
CGL-128Stock ItemPolywater® CGL Communications Gel Lubricant 1-Gallon Pail
CGL-640Stock ItemPolywater® CGL Communications Gel Lubricant 5-Gallon Pail
CLR-35Stock ItemPolywater® CLR Lubricant Quart
CLR-128Stock ItemPolywater® CLR Lubricant Gallon
CLR-640Stock ItemPolywater® CLR Lubricant 5-Gallon
CLR-DRUMSpecial Order (call for details)Polywater® CLR Lubricant 55-Gallon
CPL-128Stock ItemPolywater® CPL Communications Pourable Lubricant 1-Gallon Jug
CPL-320Stock ItemPolywater® CPL Communications Pourable Lubricant 2.5-Gallon Jug
CPL-640Stock ItemPolywater® CPL Communications Pourable Lubricant 5-Gallon Pail
CS-KITStock ItemPolywater® Splice Shield™
CWS-22Stock ItemCableWash™ Solution 22-Ounce Sprayer/Scrubber
D-35Stock ItemDyna-Blue® Lubricant Quart
D-128Stock ItemDyna-Blue® Lubricant Gallon
D-640Stock ItemDyna-Blue® Lubricant 5-Gallon
D-DRUMStock ItemDyna-Blue® Lubricant 55-Gallon
DT-69Stock ItemSpliceMaster® Dry Towels 6"x9"
DT-D175Stock Item175-Towel FiberKleen™ Dispenser w/Cleaning Pad
DT-D175RStock ItemRefill for DT-D175
DT-1212Stock ItemSpliceMaster® Dry Towels 12"x12"
DT-D50Stock ItemFiberKleen™ Dry Towels Canister
EFW-1Stock ItemPolywater® EFW™ Alcohol Wipe
EP-KIT11Stock ItemPowerPatch® Repair Kit
EP-KIT51Stock ItemPowerPatch® Repair Kits
EP-KITB6Stock ItemPowerPatch® Repair Kits
EP-KITB12Stock ItemPowerPatch® Repair Kits
EP-STICK4Stock ItemPowerPatch® Putty Stick
EPCT-BULK24Special Order (call for details)PowerPatch® 24 Cartridges
EPCT-KIT1Stock ItemPowerPatch® Cartridge Kit
EPCT-KIT1GStock ItemPowerPatch® Cartridge Kit w/Tool
EPCT-KITB6Stock ItemPowerPatch® Cartridge Kit (6/Case)
EPCT-KITB6GStock ItemPowerPatch® Cartridge Kit(6/Case) w/Tool
EPCT-TOOLRenamed. Use TOOL-50-11PowerPatch® Cartridge Tool
EPSC-KIT1Stock ItemPowerPatch® Slow Cure Repair Kit
F-35Stock ItemPolywater® F Lubricant Quart
F-128Stock ItemPolywater® F Lubricant Gallon
F-320Stock ItemPolywater® F Lubricant 2 1/2-Gallon
F-640Stock ItemPolywater® F Lubricant 5-Gallon
F-DRUMStock ItemPolywater® F Lubricant 55-Gallon
FC-2LP (No Link)Stock ItemType FC™ 2-Ounce Spray
FD-9Stock ItemType FD™ Cleaner Spray
FD-35LFStock ItemType FD™ Cleaner Quart
FD-128Stock ItemType FD™ Cleaner Gallon
FD-640Stock ItemType FD™ Cleaner 5-Gallon
FD-DRUMStock ItemType FD™ Cleaner 55-Gallon
FO-1Stock ItemType FO™ Alcohol Wipe
FO-2LPStock ItemType FO™ 2-fl oz refillable spray bottle
FO-8LFStock ItemType FO™ 8-fl oz flip top bottle
FO-16Stock ItemType FO™ Alcohol Pint
FO-32Stock ItemType FO™ Alcohol Quart
FO-128Stock ItemType FO™ Alcohol Gallon
FST-250Stock ItemFST™ Foam Duct Sealant Kit
FST-250KITStock ItemFST™ Foam Duct Sealant Kit
FST-250KIT1Stock ItemFST™ Foam Duct Sealant Kit
FST-DAMStock ItemFST™ Foam Duct Sealant Dam
FST-MINI-1Stock ItemFST™ Foam Duct Sealant Kit
FST-MINI-1GStock ItemFST™ Foam Duct Sealant Kit
FST-MINI-B6Stock ItemFST™ Foam Duct Sealant Kit
FST-MINI-B6GStock ItemFST™ Foam Duct Sealant Kit
FST-TOOL250Renamed. Use TOOL-250FST™ Application Gun for FST, RTV, and UPR Sealants
FSTBP-200B6Stock ItemFST Foam Duct Sealant Burst Pack
FTTx-35LRStock ItemPolywater® FTTx Lubricant Quart
FTTx-128Special Order (call for details)Polywater® FTTx Lubricant Gallon
FTTx-640Special Order (call for details)Polywater® FTTx Lubricant 5-Gallon
FTTx-D20Stock ItemPolywater® FTTx Lubricant Wipe
G-27Stock ItemPolywater® G Lubricant Quart Bag
G-35Stock ItemPolywater® G Lubricant Quart
G-55Stock ItemPolywater® G Lubricant 1/2-Gallon Bag
G-128Stock ItemPolywater® G Lubricant Gallon
G-640Stock ItemPolywater® G Lubricant 5-Gallon
GP-1Stock ItemType GP™ Cleaner Wipe
GP-16LFStock ItemType GP™ Cleaner Pint
GP-35LFStock ItemType GP™ Cleaner Quart
GP-128Stock ItemType GP™ Cleaner Gallon
GP-640Stock ItemType GP™ Cleaner 5-Gallon
GP-T369Stock ItemType GP™ Cleaner Prep Kit
GP-T369/SStock ItemType GP™ Cleaner Prep Kit w/Sandpaper
GSQ-128Stock ItemGrandSlam™ Pipe Lubricant Gallon
GSQ-448Stock ItemGrandSlam™ Pipe Lubricant 3 1/2-Gallon
GSQ-640Stock ItemGrandSlam™ Pipe Lubricant 5-Gallon
GWQ-128Stock ItemGrandSlam™ Pipe Lubricant Gallon
GWQ-448Stock ItemGrandSlam™ Pipe Lubricant 3 1/2-Gallon
GWQ-640Stock ItemGrandSlam™ Pipe Lubricant 5-Gallon
HP-1Stock ItemSpliceMaster® Type HP™ Cleaner Wipe
HP-16LFStock ItemSpliceMaster® Type HP™ Cleaner Pint
HP-16LFRSpecial Order (call for details)SpliceMaster® Type HP™ Cleaner Pint w/Sprayer
HP-16LRSpecial Order (call for details)SpliceMaster® Type HP™ Cleaner Pint w/Sprayer
HP-35LFStock ItemSpliceMaster® Type HP™ Cleaner Quart
HP-35LRSpecial Order (call for details)SpliceMaster® Type HP™ Cleaner Quart w/Sprayer
HP-128Stock ItemSpliceMaster® Type HP™ Cleaner Gallon
HP-P158IDStock ItemSpliceMaster® Type HP™ Tandem Pack™ Wipe
HP-640Stock ItemSpliceMaster® Type HP™ Cleaner 5-Gallon
HP-D72Stock ItemSpliceMaster® Type HP™ Cleaner Wipes Canister
HP-DRUMStock ItemSpliceMaster® Type HP™ Cleaner 55-Gallon
HP-P63Stock ItemSpliceMaster® Type HP™ Cleaner Wipes Prep Kit
HP-P369Special Order (call for details)SpliceMaster® Type HP™ Cleaner Wipes Pouch
HP-T369Stock ItemSpliceMaster® Type HP™ Cleaner Wipes Prep Kit
HP-T369/SStock ItemSpliceMaster® Type HP™ Cleaner Wipes Prep Kit w/Sandpaper
HP-T369/SDStock ItemSpliceMaster® Type HP™ Prep Kit w/Sandpaper & Dry Towel
HPY-12Stock ItemSpliceMaster® Type HP™ Cleaner Aerosol
HS-1Stock ItemHydraSol® Cable Gel Remover Wipe
HS-1D42Stock Item42 HS-1 in a dispenser pack
HS-16LRStock ItemHydraSol® Cable Gel Remover Pint w/Sprayer
HS-32Stock ItemHydraSol® Cable Gel Remover Quart w/Flip Top
HS-32LRStock ItemHydraSol® Cable Gel Remover Quart w/Sprayer
HS-96Stock ItemHydraSol® Cable Gel Remover 3-Quart
HS-128Stock ItemHydraSol® Cable Gel Remover Gallon
HS-384Stock ItemHydraSol® Cable Gel Remover 3-Gallon
HS-640Stock ItemHydraSol® Cable Gel Remover 5-Gallon
HS-D72Stock ItemHydraSol® Cable Gel Remover Wipes Canister
HS-DRUMStock ItemHydraSol® Cable Gel Remover 55-Gallon
HTC-1Stock ItemGrime-Away™ Tool Cleaner Individual Wipe
HTC-D72Stock ItemGrime-Away™ Tool Cleaner Wipes Canister
J-27Stock ItemPolywater® J Lubricant Quart Bag in Box
J-35Stock ItemPolywater® J Lubricant Quart Bottle
J-55Stock ItemPolywater® J Lubricant 1/2-Gallon Bag in Box
J-99Stock ItemPolywater® J Lubricant Quart Bag in Pail
J-110Stock ItemPolywater® J Lubricant 1/2-Gallon Bag in Pail
J-128Stock ItemPolywater® J Lubricant Gallon Pail
J-640Stock ItemPolywater® J Lubricant 5-Gallon Pail
J-DRUMStock ItemPolywater® J Lubricant 55-Gallon Drum
KC-16Stock ItemType KC™ Cleaner 16-oz. Aerosol
LP-D5Stock ItemPolywater® Lubricant Pump—Drill Operated
LZ-35Stock ItemPolywater® LZ Lubricant Quart
LZ-128Stock ItemPolywater® LZ Lubricant Gallon
LZ-384Special Order (call for details)Polywater® LZ Lubricant 3-Gallon
LZ-640Stock ItemPolywater® LZ Lubricant 5-Gallon
LZ-DRUMStock ItemPolywater® LZ Lubricant 55-Gallon
MXR-12T-10 (No Link)Stock ItemMixing Nozzle 10-pack
MXR-20T-10 (No Link)Stock ItemMixing Nozzle 10-pack
MXR-30T-10 (No Link)Stock ItemMixing Nozzle 10-pack
NB-35Special Order (call for details)Polywater® Plus Silicone™ Type NB Lubricant Quart Bottle
NB-128Stock ItemPolywater® Plus Silicone™ Type NB Lubricant Gallon Pail
NB-320Stock ItemPolywater® Plus Silicone™ Type NB Lubricant 2 1/2-Gallon Jug
NB-640Stock ItemPolywater® Plus Silicone™ Type NB Lubricant 5-Gallon Pail
NB-DRUMSpecial Order (call for details)Polywater® Plus Silicone™ Type NB Lubricant 55-Gallon Drum
NL-640 (No Link)Stock ItemNetwork Loop™ Lubricant 5-Gallon Pail
NN-35Special Order (call for details)Polywater® Plus Silicone™ Type NN Lubricant Quart Bottle
NN-128Stock ItemPolywater® Plus Silicone™ Type NN Lubricant Gallon Pail
NN-320Special Order (call for details)Polywater® Plus Silicone™ Type NN Lubricant 2 1/2-Gallon Jug
NN-640Stock ItemPolywater® Plus Silicone™ Type NN Lubricant 5-Gallon Pail
NN-DRUMSpecial Order (call for details)Polywater® Plus Silicone™ Type NN Lubricant 55-Gallon Drum
P7-12Stock ItemType P7™ Penetrating Oil Aerosol
P-35Stock ItemPolywater® Prelube 2000™ Blowing Lubricant Quart Bottle
P-128Stock ItemPolywater® Prelube 2000™ Blowing Lubricant Gallon Jug
P-640Stock ItemPolywater® Prelube 2000™ Blowing Lubricant 5-Gallon Pail
PF-1Stock ItemPed Floor
PF-2Stock ItemPed Floor
PF-3Stock ItemPed Floor
PJ-35Special Order (call for details)Polywater® PJ Lubricant Quart Bottle
PJ-128Stock ItemPolywater® PJ Lubricant Gallon Pail
PJ-320Stock ItemPolywater® PJ Lubricant 2 1/2-Gallon Jug
PJ-640Stock ItemPolywater® PJ Lubricant 5-Gallon Pail
PJ-DRUMStock ItemPolywater® PJ Lubricant 55-Gallon Drum
PL-3Stock ItemPL-3™ Pump Packing Lubricant Quart Bottle
PL-5Special Order (call for details)PL-5™ Pump Packing Lubricant Quart Bottle
PM-8Stock ItemPolywater® Prelube 5000™ Microcable Blowing Lubricant 8-oz. Bottle
PMT-1Stock ItemPolywater® InstaGrout™ Sealant Barrier based on Polymer Matrix Technology (PMT)
PMT-3Stock ItemPolywater® InstaGrout™ Sealant Barrier based on Polymer Matrix Technology (PMT)
PMT-10Stock ItemPolywater® InstaGrout™ Sealant Barrier based on Polymer Matrix Technology (PMT)
PP-3000Stock ItemPull-Planner™ Cable Pulling Software (latest version)
PR-128 (No Link)Special Order (call for details)Polywater® PR Lubricant Gallon Jug
PR-320 (No Link)Special Order (call for details)Polywater® PR Lubricant 2 1/2-Gallon Jug
PR-640 (No Link)Special Order (call for details)Polywater® PR Lubricant 5-Gallon Pail
PR-DRUM (No Link)Special Order (call for details)Polywater® PR Lubricant 55-Gallon Drum
PR-TOTE275 (No Link)Special Order (call for details)Polywater® PR Lubricant 275-Gallon Tote
QC-2LPStock ItemQuicKleen™ 2oz  pump-spray plastic bottle
QC-KIT2Stock ItemQuicKleen™  Kit (Contains 3 DT-D50, 2 QC-2LP and 1 SWB-250F100, all in a handy nylon bag)
RBG-1Stock ItemRubber Goods Cleaner Saturated Wipe
RBG-35LRStock ItemRubber Goods Cleaner Quart Spray Bottle
RBG-128Stock ItemRubber Goods Cleaner 1-Gallon Jug
RBG-640Stock ItemRubber Goods Cleaner 5-Gallon Pail
RBG-D72Stock ItemRubber Goods Cleaner Wipes Canister
RP-1Stock ItemRapid Power Wipe 5"x8" Towel
RP-1LStock ItemRapid Power Wipe 8"x12" Towel
RP-P63Stock ItemRapid Power Wipe Kit
S-1Stock ItemS-1™ Hot Stick Cleaning Wipe
SDP-250KIT1 (No Link)Renamed. Use FST-250KIT1SolidSeal™ Duct Plug Kit
SDP-250KITB6 (No Link)Renamed. Use FST-250KITSolidSeal™ Duct Plug Kit with Tool
SDP-KIT1 (No Link)Renamed. Use FST-MINI-1SolidSeal™ Duct Plug Kit
SDP-KIT1G (No Link)Renamed. Use FST-MINI-1GSolidSeal™ Duct Plug Kit with Tool
SDP-KITB6 (No Link)Renamed. Use FST-MINI-B6SolidSeal™ Duct Plug Kit (case of 6 SDP-KIT1)
SDP-KITB6G (No Link)Renamed. Use FST-MINI-B6GSolidSeal™ Duct Plug Kit (case of 6 SDP-KIT1 with Tool-50-11)
SP-ROLLStock ItemSpliceMaster® Sanding Cloth 50-Yard Roll
SPW-35HSStock ItemPolywater® Solar Panel Wash 1-quart bottle with hose sprayer attachment (.95 liters)"
SPW-35LFSpecial Order (call for details)Polywater®Solar Panel Wash 1-quart bottle (.95 liters)
SPW-128Stock ItemPolywater® Solar Panel Wash 1-gallon pail
SPW-640Stock ItemPolywater® Solar Panel Wash 5-gallon pail
SPY-35LRStock ItemPolywater® SPY Lubricant Quart Spray Bottle
SPY-128Stock ItemPolywater® SPY Lubricant 1-Gallon Jug
SPY-640Stock ItemPolywater® SPY Lubricant 5-Gallon Pail
SPY-D20Stock ItemPolywater® SPY Lubricant Saturated Wipes Canister
ST-1Special Order (call for details)SpliceMaster® Labeled Bottle 16-oz. Empty
ST-2Special Order (call for details)SpliceMaster® Labeled Bottle 32-oz. Empty
ST-RStock ItemSpliceMaster® Trigger Spray Head for Pint & Quart Bottles
SWB-125F10Stock Item1.25mm FiberKleen™ Foam Swabs (10pack)
SWB-250F100Stock Item2.5mm FiberKleen™ Foam Swabs (100pack)
SWB-C100Stock ItemFiberKleen™ cotton swab (100 pack)
SWB-M100Stock ItemMirror FiberKleen™ foam swab (100 pack)
SWB-V100Stock ItemV Groove FiberKleen™ foam swab (100 pack)
TC-1Stock ItemSqueekyKleen™ Communications Cleaner Wipe
TC-1D42Stock Item42  TC-1 in a dispenser pack
TC-16LFStock ItemSqueekyKleen™ Communications Cleaner Pint
TC-16LRStock ItemSqueekyKleen™ Communications Cleaner Pint w/Sprayer
TC-35LFStock ItemSqueekyKleen™ Communications Cleaner Quart
TC-35LRStock ItemSqueekyKleen™ Communications Cleaner Quart w/Sprayer
TC-96Stock ItemSqueekyKleen™ Communications Cleaner 3 Quart
TC-128Stock ItemSqueekyKleen™ Communications Cleaner Gallon
TC-640Stock ItemSqueekyKleen™ Communications Cleaner 5-Gallon
TC-DRUMStock ItemSqueekyKleen™ Communications Cleaner 55-Gallon Drum
TOOL-50-11 (No Link)Stock ItemApplication Gun for BonDuit™, SolidSeal™, FST™, and EPCT Sealants
TOOL-50-21 (No Link)Stock ItemApplication Gun for BRK™ Sealants
TOOL-250 (No Link)Stock ItemApplication Gun for FST™, RTV™, and UPR™ Sealants
TR-1 (No Link)Stock ItemSpliceMaster® Type TR™ Cleaner Wipe
TR-1L (No Link)Stock ItemSpliceMaster® Type TR™ Cleaner Wipe Large
TR-3PS (No Link)Special Order (call for details)SpliceMaster® Type TR™ Cleaner
TR-16 (No Link)Stock ItemSpliceMaster® Type TR™ Cleaner Aerosol
TR-KIT (No Link)Special Order (call for details)SpliceMaster® Type TR™ Cleaner Wipe Kit
TR-P63 (No Link)Stock ItemSpliceMaster® Type TR™ Cleaner Wipe Prep Kit
UPR-NF6B10Stock ItemUtility Pole Repair (No Flow Version)
UPR-NFKIT4Stock ItemUtility Pole Repair (No Flow Version)
UPR-NFKIT12Stock ItemUtility Pole Repair (No Flow Version)
UPR-PRKIT3Stock ItemUtility Pole Repair
UPR-PRKIT12Stock ItemUtility Pole Repair
W-1Stock ItemW-1™ Wax & Buff Wipe
W-16Stock ItemW-1™ Live-Line Tool Wax Pint
WB-8Stock ItemIceFree™ Chemical Duct Block
WCGL-35Stock ItemPolywater® WCGL Communications Gel Lubricant Quart Bottle
WCGL-128Stock ItemPolywater® WCGL Communications Gel Lubricant 1-Gallon Pail
WCGL-640Stock ItemPolywater® WCGL Communications Gel Lubricant 5-Gallon Pail
WCPL-35Stock ItemPolywater® WCPL Pourable Communications Lubricant Quart Bottle
WCPL-128Stock ItemPolywater® WCPL Pourable Communications Lubricant Gallon Jug
WCPL-320Stock ItemPolywater® WCPL Pourable Communications Lubricant 2.5-Gallon Jug
WCPL-640Stock ItemPolywater® WCPL Pourable Communications Lubricant 5-Gallon Pail
WF-35Stock ItemPolywater® WF Lubricant Quart Bottle
WF-128Stock ItemPolywater® WF Lubricant Gallon Jug
WF-320Stock ItemPolywater® WF Lubricant 2 1/2-Gallon Jug
WF-640Stock ItemPolywater® WF Lubricant 5-Gallon Pail
WF-DRUMStock ItemPolywater® WF Lubricant 55-Gallon Drum
WH-1Special Order (call for details)IceFree™ Insertion Hose
WJ-27Stock ItemPolywater® WJ Lubricant Quart Bag in Box
WJ-35Stock ItemPolywater® WJ Lubricant Quart Bottle
WJ-55Stock ItemPolywater® WJ Lubricant 1/2-Gallon Bag in Box
WJ-99Stock ItemPolywater® WJ Lubricant Quart Bag in Pail
WJ-110Stock ItemPolywater® WJ Lubricant 1/2-Gallon Bag in Pail
WJ-128Stock ItemPolywater® WJ Lubricant Gallon Pail
WJ-640Stock ItemPolywater® WJ Lubricant 5-Gallon Pail
WJ-DRUMStock ItemPolywater® WJ Lubricant 55-Gallon Drum
WLZ-35Stock ItemPolywater® WLZ Lubricant Quart
WLZ-128Stock ItemPolywater® WLZ Lubricant Gallon
WLZ-384Special Order (call for details)Polywater® WLZ Lubricant 3-Gallon
WLZ-640Stock ItemPolywater® WLZ Lubricant 5-Gallon
WLZ-DRUMStock ItemPolywater® WLZ Lubricant 55-Gallon
WNB-128Stock ItemPolywater® Plus Silicone™ Type WNB Lubricant Gallon Pail
WNB-640Stock ItemPolywater® Plus Silicone™ Type WNB Lubricant 5-Gallon Pail
WNN-128Stock ItemPolywater® Plus Silicone™ Type WNN Lubricant Gallon Pail
WNN-640Stock ItemPolywater® Plus Silicone™ Type WNN Lubricant 5-Gallon Pail
WP-35Stock ItemPolywater® Prelube 2000™ Blowing Lubricant for Winter Quart Bottle
WP-128Stock ItemPolywater® Prelube 2000™ Blowing Lubricant for Winter Gallon Jug
WP-640Stock ItemPolywater® Prelube 2000™ Blowing Lubricant for Winter 5-Gal Pail
WPJ-128Stock ItemPolywater® WPJ Lubricant Gallon Pail
WPJ-320Stock ItemPolywater® WPJ Lubricant 2 1/2-Gallon Jug
WPJ-640Stock ItemPolywater® WPJ Lubricant 5-Gallon Pail
WPJ-DRUMStock ItemPolywater® WPJ Lubricant 55-Gallon Drum
WS-640Special Order (call for details)IceFree™ Antifreeze Gel 5-Gallon Pail
WS-DRUMSpecial Order (call for details)IceFree™ Antifreeze Gel 55-Gallon Drum
WSPY-35LRStock ItemPolywater® WSPY Lubricant Quart Spray Bottle
WSPY-128Stock ItemPolywater® WSPY Lubricant 1-Gallon Jug
WSPY-640Stock ItemPolywater® WSPY Lubricant 5-Gallon Pail
WX-35Stock ItemPolywater® WX Lubricant Quart Bottle
WX-128Stock ItemPolywater® WX Lubricant Gallon Pail
WX-640Stock ItemPolywater® WX Lubricant 5-Gallon Pail
ZIP-50KIT1Stock ItemPolywater® ZipSeal™ Kit
ZIP-50KIT1GStock ItemPolywater® ZipSeal™ Kit w/ dispensing tool
ZIP-50KITB6Stock ItemPolywater® ZipSeal™ Kit w/ dispensing tool (6/case)

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