A safe, effective, water-based cleaner for removing cable filling grease (ickypic)

  • Fast & Effective – Maximum solvency power on PE/PJ or ETPR greases.
  • Clean – Rinses completely with water.
  • Less Waste – Good for multiple cleanings.
  • Safe – No Chlorinated Solvent, CFC, or Glycol Ether content.
  • Tailored for the Job – Available in a variety of convenient packages.

Hydrasol® Cable Gel Remover is a unique approach in cable cleaning materials. It is a water-based solvent cleaner that offers unique safety and handling. HydraSol® is amazingly effective at dissolving and removing cable filling greases (ickypic).

HydraSol® Cable Gel Remover softens, removes, and suspends cable filling greases. The solvent remains active and is only slowly “used up.” HydraSol® is good for multiple cleanings for added economy and efficiency.


HS-1 action black glove 180ppi 21.8x17

HS-1 Wipe Application

HS-1 before and after 180ppi 22.5x18

Before and After

HydraSol® Gel Remover
Catalog # Package Description Units/Case
HS-1 Saturated lint-free wipe in foil pack 144
HS-D72 Dispenser with 72 10" x 12" premoistened wipes 6
HS-16LR 1-pint/475 ml spray bottle 12
HS-32LR 1-quart/.95 liter spray bottle 12
HS-32 1-quart /.95 liters bottle with flip-top cap 12
HS-96 3 quarts/2.8 liters in a 1-gallon pail 4
HS-128 1-gallon/3.8 liters jug 4
HS-384 3 gallons/11.4 liters in a 5-gallon pail 1
HS-640 5-gallon/18.9 liters pail 1
HS-DRUM 55-gallon/208 liters drum 1

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